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Computer Repair

Please note that I am not taking on any NEW clients.

When you’re having trouble with your computer, most of the time, it’s your software, specifically Microsoft Windows. I can manage and fix all types of system glitches, conflicts, boot errors, blue screens, and slow systems. 


Let’s face it, most of the time repairing a computer (laptops mostly) is not cost effective. When it makes sense, I’ll do it quickly efficiently and on budget. I can:  

1) Remove viruses and malware from your laptop or desktop.

2) Perform Operating System Installations / Upgrade Services.

3) Build custom Desktop systems on request. 

I started fixing computers in 1985. With no knowledge at all, I basically opened the book to page 1 and went from there. I was driven by the need to repair the computer I relied on for my business. It wasn’t long before I was fixing other peoples computers and supporting the local daycare. It has been my hobby and passion.

Unfortunately, I cannot service Apple or Linux Products.

All pricing is on a project by project basis.