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Remove Lice

The following treatment for Head lice was developed by Dr. Moishe Ipp research pediatrician at Toronto Sick Kids Hospital.

Mix a 50/50 solution of mineral oil and vinegar. Massage it into the hair and cover for at least two (2) hours with a shower cap. The vinegar detaches the nits from the hair shaft while the oil suffocates any live lice and makes for easy smooth combing out of any detached nits and dead lice.

Dr. Ipp claims a 100% success rate using this treatment. The treatment can be repeated as often as nessessary.

Cleaning Silver

Cleaning Silver

To clean silver or silver plate quickly & easily – Fill a large glass or plastic bowl with very hot water from the tap add 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water softener (downy) line bowl with aluminum foil swish—–add article—-clean in 10 -60 seconds. Wipe dry—–like magic